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The age of solar energy in Brazil

It is a very exciting moment for solar energy professionals worldwide as Brazil is now defining its policies regarding photovoltaic microgeneration and grid tie systems. This milestone policy will kickstart a promising  market in a country with pleanty of sunshine throghout the year. It will add to the growth momentum, accelerated by massive forthcoming events like world cup (2014) and olympic games (2016). The expected date for this to happen is March 2013.
The enormous controversy about the new Belo Monte hydroelectric power station in theAmazon will start turning people's eyes onto solar. 

Solar energy is also ideal for many parts of the country where there is no electricity grid yet. In particular, the solar generator / water pump integrated plant is essential in the drier parts of the country (Northeast).

Some new regulations concerning photovoltaic energy in Brazil have been published by Anneel, the national agency for electrical energy.

Download regulations (.pdf)

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