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New solar plant inaugurated in Campinas city (100 km from Sao Paulo)

We are now publishing exclusive photos of this new power plant, called Tanquinhos. It is an experimental project.It has fixed panels (inclined) and also moving panels that track the sun's movement. Eolic generators will soon be added to the project, at this same site.

This is the solar plant to operate in Sao Paulo state, and it is already connected to the grid. It is capable of generating 1,6 GWh / year.


State of Bahia receives 8 new solar power plants

The company Bioenergy has just received approval from Aneel, the brazilian grid regulator, for the construction of 8 plants totaling 152 MW.

Nuclear solar projects have grown 40% a year, since 2001, in Brazil.

The state of Bahia has been chosen because of its enormous solar input.



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Brazil's photovoltaic energy boom

Brazil energy industry featured in the Report Company

The report highlights the fast development taking place in the Brazilian energy sector. Eletrobras is already the Latin America’s biggest power utility company and the fourth-largest clean energy company in the world. Its president has said that Brazil must increase its generating capacity by 50 percent from its current 120,000MW, over the next decade.


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